7 Best Monitor for Mac Mini M1 in India

best Monitor for Mac Mini in India

There’s no doubt that Apple designed the Mac Mini M1 to provide improved performance. We just need to add a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to turn any desk into a powerful workstation. The question arises, what kind of monitor should we choose to get the most out of it? Well, a good monitor can make … Read more

7 Best Monitors for Gaming PC in India – 2022

Best Monitors for Gaming PC India

Without a good gaming monitor, every gaming PC despite having high-end hardware becomes pointless. A decent gaming monitor can make a huge difference in delivering the best graphics that automatically affect your overall gaming experience. I’m going to list out the 7 best monitors for Gaming PC that can boost your gaming experience while providing … Read more

My Budget setup for the M1 Mac Mini

setup for the M1 Mac Mini

Recently I decided to buy an M1 Mac Mini, so I started to research the budget monitor that I can pair up with it; to my surprise, I did not find many articles on it, and those few published articles were recommending only the expensive ones. So I had to do some extra research on … Read more